Top 10 military power in the world

Top 10 military power in the world

States are run by the blood of lions, not by the treachery of the ignorant. I saw Colonel Suhail’s father saluting his son’s body instead of shedding tears. I wondered which face should have mourned the helplessness. His face was fluttering with pride. I saw the funeral of Captain Romulan.

Captain Rohullah was married two months later. I saw with my own eyes the slogans of “Long live Pakistan” at the funeral. It was the most unique funeral in the tribal area where people chanted the slogan of Pakistan with the word martyrdom

Lieuftenant Arsalan Satti

I saw the mother of Lieutenant Arsalan Satti. Arsalan Sati was the only son of the parents. Putting the body of her only son in front of her, the mother said, “It was born to be cut in the homeland.” Ever wonder what kind of mother was not even sighing at the martyrdom of her only son. It was a complete picture of patriotism.

Major Ishaq Shaheed

I saw the body of Major Ishaq Shaheed. The three-year-old daughter who was looking at her father’s body with innocence had a broken heart. It was the encouragement of Major Isaac’s wife who laid her life on this earth. Colonel Sohaila, Captain Rohullah, Captain Bilal Zafar, Lieutenant Arsalan Satti and Major Ishaq.

These are just a few examples of martyrs. These are the stories of the great families whose reds were sacrificed on this earth. These are the examples of the families of the martyrs whose blood contains fidelity. They never complained to the nation as to why our own sons were sacrificed.

Captain Bilal Zafar

These are just a few examples. If you look at the families of 15,000 martyrs, no one has ever complained to the country and the nation. No one has ever spoken in favor of Pakistan’s enemies. If you go to any of these 15,000 families, the elders of each family will say that everything we have is for this country.

But look at a man on the other side, whom Pakistan picked up from the sidewalk and made the richest man in the world. Three times he sat on the seat of power. But when he became incompetent due to his own deeds, he became the enemy of Pakistan

. No one in the house said that it doesn’t matter if the power comes and goes, just keep Pakistan safe. On the one hand, there are the families of the martyrs who have maintained their loyalty to Pakistan even after losing their loved ones

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