The Right Way to Catch a Snake in Your House || Catching Mother Cobra and her Cubs in the Garden – Snake Catchers

Yes, the snake god has given me his power so that I can speak and understand human language. You are my food and I will not let you go anywhere. The black snake replied and he started trembling. Look, Kale Nag, let us go. What have we done to you that you want us to eat? Aftab said this time addressing Kale Nag. Shallug did not tell you that in order to come into human form, I would have to eat 7 human beings as demons. The Right Way to Catch a Snake in Your House

Now you are my food so I will not let you run away from here. you spilled a big cup of demonic blood but it doesn’t matter. I have been allowed by the snake god that I can eat even a living person Yes, Kale Nag replied, then a cold wave ran through the bodies of the two friends. You belong to your god. Let us go. The black snake said while blowing. Both the friends understood that the black snake was not going to leave them any surah. So they decided to run away from there. So the two friends ran to one side. Catching Mother Cobra and her Cubs in the Garden – Snake Catchers

They didn’t even see which way they were going Kala Nag was also passing over the bushes and the two friends who were following him were screaming loudly. The crawling speed of the black snake was faster than the two of them so he soon got close to both of them. As soon as he got close to them, the black snake opened its mouth like a torn one. Gone. And the black snake’s war failed. The black snake blew and turned towards him. And once again he attacked them both but the two friends suddenly turned to the right and as a result Kala Nag was hit by a tree and suddenly Shakeel. And the sun stumbled and fell on the ground.

The Right Way to Catch a Snake in Your House

The place where they had fallen was the raw earth. There was dust on them. was present.. Both of them screamed in fear. And they began to turn back, rubbing the earth on the ground. You can’t escape from me, said the black snake, blowing. Then, before the black snake attacked him, suddenly Shakeel filled the mud in his fist and threw it on the black snake’s eyes. The dust fell in the eyes of the black snake and while it was blowing, it started moving back and forth. Shakeel and Aftab got up quickly and they started running forward. After going a little farther, Shakeel and Aftab saw the river, so they stopped in confusion. Dense trees were visible on the other side of the river.

Those who were spread out like a monster turned around and looked behind them, then they saw a black snake which was coming after them, crawling fast. What should we do now? I think we swim in the river and go to the other side. Maybe there is a population on this side and we can ask someone for help. Aftab replied. We have no other choice but to come. Shakeel said and then they both jumped into the river and then floated fast towards the other side of the river.

Because they were both good swimmers so they There was no danger of drowning in the river. Kala Nag had also come into the river water and he was also following them. He was getting closer to them from moment to moment. While they were both struggling hard to reach the river bank. Then they both managed to reach the other side of the river.

The two came out of the river and started running towards the forest. By the time Kalanga reached the bank, they both entered the forest and hid in the bushes. Kalanga also came out of the river and rose in the same way. Shakeel and Aftab were sitting under the bushes. Kalanga reached there and stopped. And looking around, the two friends were holding their breath. However, he could hear the rustle.

Kala Nag stopped there for a few moments and kept looking around. Then he started moving slowly. When Shakeel and Aftab became convinced that Kala Nag had left. So he removed some bushes without making any sound. So Kala Nag had really gone from there. Thank God that Kala Nag is gone. Shakeel took a deep breath and said he is not gone.

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Aftab is looking for us. Yes, you are right. Shakeel nodded in affirmation and then he started running towards the river coming out of the two bushes. It happened and both of them stopped at once. And when he saw the old man, his eyes widened and he went away. You are still alive. The evil old man said at the same time but the old man did not answer him. He raised his head and turned his head to look to the right. The black demon went and told the black snake that I Both the boys have been caught. Old Shalog addressed someone in a commanding tone and said, “Okay Shalog, sir.” Shakeel and Aftab heard a voice. Then they heard a jingle. Started looking towards.

You have managed to get out of the snake house. But now you can’t go anywhere. Old Shalom said with a sly smile. But neither of them gave any answer. How did the old man get here? And how did he escape from it now? He also sent his slave power to deliver the message to Kale Nag. And Kala Nag could have reached there at any time. Think about how Shakeel can deal with this old man. Get it. Aftab said old Shalog was watching him carefully but he had heard his whisper. Shal lug said in a commanding tone. But instead of answering, the two suddenly attacked the old man.

The old man probably expected their attack. So as soon as they both attacked him, nothing happened to him and They both hit the old man and fell to the ground. But the old man stood in his place. It was as if his feet were stuck to the ground. A smile appeared on the old man’s face. They both got up and stood up. Earlier I was beaten by you in my carelessness. Boy, now you can’t harm me. Attack me again and see. The old man said laughing.

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