The day I came to Pakistan The Pakistan police are not doing their job well. The police are treating the people badly. The police should treat the people well and protect their lives and property. And the people. Tell us how to live a prosperous life. In this video, a police officer has been very rude to people and is threatening them. This attitude of the police is not appropriate at all.

I hope you are well, you have seen G2 channel and you are insecure, so I pray from the bottom of my heart that Allah Almighty will always keep you happy and give you what you have in your house during the month of Ramadan and honor us from the month and make us appreciative. How many numbers do you have? If this thing is not good, then I ask you to tell your servants that whatever you pay for this work will be done, then you will be the first to do it. Talk to the person who has it.

Pass number 40 will be considered and the other thing is that the merit is not mine, so when will the 40th pass have internet browsing for the interview? Registration is hot and those very good people have passed the test which will give them good marks. But they will call three hundred of them for the interview. Well, that’s what they’re going to do. Forty rupees is more than that and immediately after that if they take the whole number in the colors, then it is equal to 40 not garlic.

Training of Pakistan Police

Friends, if you see the prayers nearby, you people can’t prepare. In the same way, send me to you. Training of Pakistan Police Breastfeeding is a good deed. Don’t do it only for five minutes. If your uterus gets better at the maximum. You put a select camel in it and according to it in your minutes, if they don’t get anything from you, you get a servant, you break it, you break it, you have more numbers than you, so consider yourself, my friends, this is what you do. Would have liked.

If you like the video and haven’t subscribed to your channel, then let’s clean up and walk away. Let go of the precedent, Allah Hafiz Their physical and then the test was complete and the ground is gone if the network has done the procedure and how long it will be printed and their training will be yours this year and I will give it in a decade.

At the same time you have news and Insha’Allah they also greet you especially those who are about to receive the order now it is difficult for tomorrow but before learning more in this video please ask your daughters The company said That’s what my friends used to worry about. That’s why I’ve been told that we didn’t die. First of all, friends, your questions are. Look at them. We got medical for the first poster.

This day can balance magic up to 15 days Seema Manga Day How to work with it I first complete verification is done and its connection in his mind all my own security branch special branch If you don’t, you will be able to sleep in the district. This is the historic city of 24. Complete it.

People who are successful are the most important ones. I share this with you people. If you do, and there is no doubt that those who share with modeling, then let’s go. If Sarwar Governor Punjab’s tag is hanging then Ayyub National Park’s Meezan-ul-Quran is located in Rawalpindi. In this video with his name, I will tell you about these dates with proof. How long is the day of Punjab Police test and I am not on my own. I will share with you why it is late or it has started barking.

So whether it happened or not I will tell you what was posted and also what the merit criteria are in it will be shared with you friends now let’s move on to this video first What is this election council parliament and 10% of the police Apart from them, who is the first to say that the Establishment high officials who do whatever is in the records of the Punjab Police in the message, they have a policy, they are recruited according to them and if it is done then According to Sajdah Establishment Maqsood Al Hassan, the information I am going to share with you.

Naho on said that the test of Punjab Police is expected in one or two weeks in a row in which I am not saying this on my own. I will tell you this with a short video. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. One or two PKs of Eid will start at 15th Street and this Punjab Police PSPSPO which is also included in the morning tu lyrics and not this post was done earlier because to see the testing heavenly higher He has decided to do it as soon as he gets stuck in the test.

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