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Khirsapat and Himsagar (two but not one!)||early mango varieties||types of mangoes in west Bengal

Khirsapat and Himsagar (two but not one!)||early mango varieties||types of mangoes in west Bengal

Khirsapat between these two mangoes will be available in the market till mid-July. Then the mangoes that will be available called Khirsapat or Himsagar will not taste like normal mangoes. Remember, mangoes as a fruit are very disciplined That mango is not available. Khirsapat Khirsapat Mango is a Geographical Indication (GI) product of Chapainawabganj. Khirsapat mango is a very tasty fruit of Chapainawabganj district. At present 20-25 percent of the total mango production in the country is Khirsapat variety.

Khirsapat Mango is currently being exported to various countries of the world including Europe and the Middle East to meet the domestic demand. Khirsapat tops the list of the few excellent varieties of mangoes produced in Bangladesh. Langar, Khirsapat and Gopalbhog — these three varieties of mangoes have been placed at the top in terms of quality by the devout Bengalis. Khirsapat mango is of immediate variety. It starts to mature from the beginning of June. Khirsapat is available in the market till mid-July. However, the real time of Khirsapat Mango is from 6th to 30th of June. The mango is medium in size.

types of mangoes in west Bengal

Looks a lot round. Each weighs an average of 263 grams. Khirsapat mango Looks a lot round. Each weighs an average of 263 grams. Khirsapat mango stem is quite thick and hard. the area around the stem turns yellow. The middle part of the mango is light green. types of mangoes in west bengal Khirsapat mango is cultivated most in all parts of Chapainawabganj district, especially in Shibganj upazila. Khirsapat produced in the garden here is the best in quality and meaning. Apart from Chapainawabganj, Khirsapat mango is cultivated in Rajdhani, Natore, Dinajpur, Bogra, Naogaon, Pabna and Satkhira. However After Chapainawabganj, Rajshahi is the leading producer of Khirsapat.

There is another variety of Khirsapat called Khudikhirsa. This mango weighs slightly less than the original Khirsapat. The taste is similar. The color of Khudikhirsa is dark green. The original Khirsapat is light green in color. Both varieties have the same value and quality. Khirsapat is exclusively the mango of Bangladesh. It is believed that Khirsapat was first invented from the garden of the Nawabs of Murshidabad. After the buds come, it takes a total of four months for the mango to mature. The easiest way to recognize the mango is to see that it is very round, the stem is quite thick. The front shoulder is relatively swollen than the surface shoulder. The fruit is concave or has no sinuses and lips. The apex is round.

The size of Himsagar mango tree is medium. A Himsagar mango tree when 12 years old Is able to bear fruit in full. Yield is moderate and irregular. When the Himsagar mango is full, its shape is round on the chest and concave or slightly oblong from the sinuses and the apex is round. The skin is smooth, the skin is thin. Mango has no lips. Himsagar is a very fragrant mango with excellent taste. The shell is soft and fibrous. The shell is orange. Useful part of mango food. Shamik 5 percent. Himsagar mango is sweet.

early mango varieties

The amount of TSS or sweetness is 22.64 percent. . The stems of the fruit are quite stiff and have the ability to withstand strong winds. Due to the similarity between Khirsapat mango and Himsagar mango, many people mistakenly think that this mango is Khirsapat. Again Khirsapat am sold to me as Himsagar. Khirsapat and Himsagar are different from me. In the season full of mango orchards from the mentioned areas, truckloads of Himsagar mangoes move to the markets of Dhaka, Chittagong, Camilla, Sylhet, Mymensingh and Barisal districts. Himsagar mango is most in demand in Dhaka market at this time. Himsagar mangoes produced in Chuadanga, Meherpur, Satkhira and Nadia districts of India and Shadwala or Shadaula mangoes produced in Murshidabad district of India.

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