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80% of the girls in my class are lifters and the other 20% are at least somebody. Wanted to marry a bureaucrat. I quietly spent two years at university with my classmates Every week he would hear stories of relationships coming from newer and richer homes, and each time he would proudly take the self-deceived girls to class. We would tell the poor boys or tell them loudly in the classroom to entertain ourselves, how the family of an assistant commissioner boy kept asking them, but they would not listen.

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These extremes of inferiority complex have never reached the girls And quietly spent two years of university as the poorest and quietest boy in the class, Yes, even if someone came to my heart, my poverty became the biggest obstacle in the way of dead love And seeing the condition of the old and stale bike on which I had been coming to the university for two years would also cool my love and express someone.

Best Student travel programs in world

It was the last day of university and our last long trip, On the last night of the return, all the boys and girls were giving farewell autographs to each other on their diaries. Pray that I will have a good job and a good home in my life The girl was a little embarrassed. She wrote in her autograph that she wished our family status was the same I wish it was not possible in the world.

It was the last trip of the trip, the last-minute trip that revealed all the secrets hidden for two years. But then it was too late and everyone was weighed, including their container and caste. At the urging of our dean and all the girls in the class, our bus stopped in front of a large government building.

And a government official in uniform was constantly insulting our most senior teacher How and why we university students and staff can go inside this building I never wanted to die that secret for two years.

It was not revealed to anyone today, but what happened today was that the question was about the honor of a teacher like my father and then in the same thought I was at the back of the bus.

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I called this official from the governor’s seat in a very different tone and voice. This tone and voice was so different today that the whole bus turned around and looked at me in amazement and thought that when so many senior people can’t say anything, I What is the point of insulting yourself? Sacrifice those officials whose shapes, accents and styles are recognized in millions.

The same rude officer almost came running and shouted. Yes sir! I gently asked who the adjutant was here and then there was a protocol of scenes after a while. There were salutes and there was a surprise that every boy in the class and Especially on the faces of the girls.

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I would get out of these sympathies and turn into love Forms had nothing to do with the fact that the container and the species had been tested. See you in those moments It was too late to fall in love with him and his name and position And I had to rejoin my unit in a few days anyway And my two-year study le o was over.

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